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Groundhog Day

Hey, Happy Groundhog Day! Is it still winter? Time for spring? We need to know! OK, we don’t need to know. After all it seems lately the seasons have just been mixin’ it up on us anyhow! Pranksters. Still, like every G-Day we celebrated with our favorite scenes from the Bill Murray flick (w/ co-star [...]


Is she not the cutest? We love Andie MacDowell! Sure, she’s probably most acclaimed for Sex, Lies, and Videotape, but we admit our favorite performance has to be alongside Bill Murray in the 90s classic Groundhog Day. Now at 51, the gorgeous Madame MacDowell will be dropping trou in two new movies for Lifetime, “At [...]


Groundhog Day Well, happy Groundhog Day friends. Congrats to the Steelers fans and condolences to the Cards. We didn’t see much yoga going on, but it was an intense game. And now your Goundhog Day news… NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg was bit while trying to lure the little bugger out with snacks, but Chuck G. Hogg [...]