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Green Bay Packers

It’s not football season, but Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t taking much time off. In fact, he’s making sure he gets sufficient time in for yoga. At the ripe age of 30, which is (ridiculously) over the hill in professional sports land, Rodgers is feeling “comfortable now in my own skin.” He sees it as an opportunity [...]

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Two yoga instructors joined the protests inside Wisconsin’s capitol building Saturday. (AP) We snagged this photo and caption posted at Gawker. No they’re not all adho mukha-ing, but it seems yoga teachers* have joined the some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, Green Bay Packers and reportedly now Tom Morello from Rage Against [...]


Attention sports fans! Grab your team koozie and sports paraphernalia! There’s a big ‘ol sporting event happening this Sunday, and we hope you’re prepared to shout rowdy things at little men running around on the tv screen in between absurdly expensive mini movies selling you things! Super Bowl XLV is upon us! Pittsburgh Steelers vs. [...]