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Googling yoga poses has likely been a regular practice for a lot of yogis out there, especially for the Sankskrit. How DO you spell utthita hasta padangusthasana? What’s astavakrasana mean, again? But now Google, ever the yoga fans, have done you one better. Now when you search for a pose you get a handy little pop-up [...]


Today’s Google Doodle marks the birthday of renowned Indian yoga guru, B.K.S. Iyengar, and we have to say it’s mighty sweet. Guruji, as he is known by his students, passed away in August of last year. He would have turned 97 today. Though many still miss his earthly presence, Iyengar lives on through his teachings and [...]


Eclipses often mark the end of the old and beginning of the new. Shedding what is no longer needed and taking on new responsibilities, adventures, opportunities and relationships. Eclipses bring clarity. And like our good pal Anya of Breakti says, “Any clarity is good clarity.” Eclipse starts 4:13pm EDT. Watch the live feed now. (or [...]


Hey Googletons! How about a Yogi Google doodle! Yoogle? We’ve seen Google doodle their header to celebrate 30 years of Pac-man, the anniversary of Xrays, and to honor maven of modern dance Martha Graham this past Wednesday. But we know those silicon valley nerds are yogadorks at heart. What would it look like if they [...]


We’ve been wondering how long it would take for news on the health of Corporate Yoga to pop up, because we’ve been waiting for a good reason to talk about it. Amid the turbulence, strung out citizens seem to be clinging to yoga as stress relief even more these days, and who could need it [...]


Behold the almighty omnipotence of…the INTERNET! It looks like Ramdev has, shall we say, efficiently? Gurgoan, Delhi Ranjeet Walunj Blog