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Uh oh. We saw this coming! Gap Inc. is setting its sights on conquering Lulumania! That monster clothing chain we oft love to hate, hate to love, acquired fitness clothing co. Athleta two years ago-ish (for $150 million), causing a bit of an ‘oh dear’ across the market. Until now, Athleta was strictly online retail [...]


Boy it’s cold out there! Sure makes you want to stand outside in a line for hours, doesn’t it? So we heard it’s almost that time for a certain grossly priced yoga-inspired clothing company to purge the mediocrity that is old styles past their prime. News came earlier this week trumpeting a Niagara Falls 4-Day [...]


Lululemon is threatening us with a new challenge for each month this year (and a new blog to come some time soon). This is the first “challenge”: “In the spirit of change and renewal that comes with a new year, this month we challenge you to share your BHAGs with us.” In Luluspeak, BHAG (pronounced [...]