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She lives full time in Aruba. She teaches yoga around the world. She has 1.2 million followers on instagram. She’s @yoga_girl. Oh, and she has a new book, also called Yoga Girl. It’s a book about yoga, of course, and “spectacular photos” of her practicing yoga “with breathtaking tropical backdrops, along with step-by-step yoga sequences [...]


This is what happens when Fox News attempts to do yoga in Times Square: a staged stunt, half-assed effort, blatant sexism and still enough time to slip in a homophobic wisecrack. OK, this video of Fox commentator Bob Beckel starts out entertaining enough –  super non-yoga dude in white suspenders and a sweatband has his second [...]

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Easter eggs, bunnies and little yogsters took over the White House lawn yesterday for the 135th annual Easter Egg Roll. This year’s theme “Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!” promoted healthy eating and physical activities like yoga, obstacle courses and team sports, echoing the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign to reduce childhood obesity and [...]

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Let’s just start by staying this is a stupid argument with moot points. Nevertheless, Fox News is a force and when they start bringing on a “motivational speaker” hawking a book entitled ‘Grow a Pair’ to debate the merits of yoga and how America is getting wussier, we can’t just sit idly by in sukhasana. As [...]