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Kick. Throw. Catch. Tackle. Run! Clearly all very yoga-like things to do, yeah? OK, maybe not (unless you’re in a class like this). But, bend, stretch, breathe, relax seem to be very football-like things to do lately and it’s really helping, according to some players who’ve made the practice part of their conditioning ritual. For Dwayne [...]


And then there are days we cheer for football players practicing yoga! Sure it’s not new news anymore, per se (heck, it seems there are more football players doing yoga now than not — which is also not true…yet), but it is good news! While the whole “yoga is for girls” line is played out like bro-tastic beer commercials [...]


Football and yoga, they go together just like beer and pretzels, right? Ask the Seattle Seahawks and they’ll tell you how their meditation and yoga practice will change the future of football. (Yep. You may need to go back and read that sentence over again.) It may sound odd at first, but for the Seahawks [...]


What do you do when the lights go out in the middle of a Super Bowl game? Why, yoga of course! While we were all treated to a surprise time out IN THE DARK  last night the players tried to stay in the game by stretching and yoga-ing on the field for the 30+ minute [...]


The day has arrived! Time to let all inhibitions go to gorge on sinful and outrageous football-themed snacks, let your freaky fanatic flag fly and don your most ridiculous outfit you just know is going to be THE thing to make your team win. Or not. Or you could just enjoy yourself a second traditional [...]


Click to enlarge. We have the ESPN doing yoga on NFL Countdown, and many other football players enjoying the benefits yoga, including last year’s Super Bowl opponents the Giants and the Patriots, both into yoga. How do this year’s Super Bowl XVLII stack up? Admittedly, we’re not huge football buffs, but we may place our [...]


Brian Jennings is a 36 year-old football player for the San Francisco 49ers. A 12 year NFL veteran, he’s everything you would expect – big, beefy, a certified yoga instructor…

Ok, maybe he’s not exactly the norm. But no doubt fellow ballers would benefit from listening to his practical beliefs on his practices. In addition to yoga, Jennings also includes massages, chiropractic care, Chinese herbs and acupuncture in what he calls his “wellness lifestyle.”

Jennings says, “I do a lot of things that are considered alternative. It’s probably unusual being in a self-destructive business.”


Football player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson (get it? he’s number 85) hasn’t had the best year. The former NFL player was dropped by the Miami Dolphins this past August just two months after being signed because he was arrested on charge of domestic battery (he allegedly headbutted his wife following an argument). Yeah, not so good. Now a free agent, in football and in marriage following a divorce finalized in September, Johnson is in need of a real reboot, oh and some anger management.


So. Hm. What we have here is what we assume are football fans (some out of shape dudes and a couple of ladies) gearing up for the season, more particularly ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, doing oddly inspired poses (Tebow-asana?) led by well-known sportscasters (Mike Ditka, Chris Berman, Cris Carter, Tom Jackson) on their very own astroturf yoga mats on what appears to be a beach on a tropical paradise.

Yep. No idea, but somehow we dig. Eat your heart out, NBA.