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face yoga

It’s time to face your yoga. Literally. We’re hearing about face gyms popping up and you know what that means: we must brace ourselves for the face yoga craze. Yes, we said face gym. And this could potentially lead to the next biggest thing in yoga outside of secret underground meditation sessions and detox/retox brewery-asana. [...]


Welcome back. Today we venture in the Yoga Time Machine to the beauterrific year of 1950. Hey ladies, fighting crow’s feet and wrinkle lines? Pucker up for face yoga! It’s always fascinating to take a glimpse back in time at beauty trends, and when they include contorting your face into ridiculous shapes to resist the [...]


‘Facial Yoga A Growing Anti-Aging Trend!’ To which we say, oh really CBS? Apparently people are wiggling their face around in ridiculous ways and finding tighter more youthful looking skin. “I have no wrinkles on my forehead, no botox,” Cynthia Rowland  [creator of Facial Magic]said. “Look at this – my forehead doesn’t even move because [...]