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We were sad to learn of the loss of yoga scholar and author Georg Feuerstein at a young 65 years old. However, we are not at a loss for scholarly texts and articles thanks to the prolific career of Dr. Feuerstein who had a reputation for his steady and tireless investigation and interpretation of yoga. We came across his take on the ethics involved with teaching yoga. Perhaps some timely advice we thought you’d find interesting.


Oh no, we knew it was coming. The yoga pants backlash! What will Lululemon, Athleta and Abercrombie’s “perfect yoga butt” do now? Are yoga pants too revealing? Administrators at Loveland High School in OH say yes and have banned students from wearing them. According to the big bad school boards,  yoga pants fall under the [...]


Most American yoga studios offer donation classes, either as an ongoing method of giving back to the community or as an event-specific relief effort. There’s no doubt that it’s a wonderful practice; giving away instruction and giving away money are both laudable, valuable gestures. It was in light of this established standard that the idea [...]


92-year-old Yoga Guru, and recent animal rights activist, B.K.S. Iyengar has sent a letter to fashion icon Donna Karan urging her to stop using fur. The letter has Iyengar asking Karan to quit using “furs, which are violently removed from the living animals, so that those animals which have the right to live, live in [...]


The tasteless tweets of both 50 “been hit with a few shells” Cent and Gilbert (The Aflac Duck) Gottfried landed them in hot water this week. Alas, the social mediasphere has a line. Perhaps ol’ Bikram can get away with just about anything, but how about all the regular Joe Schmogas? Ever wonder how far [...]


Ack! Remember this pic? It’s infamous! Though there are some discrepancies over it’s authenticity, there’s no question the subject of good touch bad touch in yoga adjustments is tricky business. If you’ve been following the Graspin’ Aspen case in CO you know it could warrant jail time and sex offender status. Or how about this [...]


From the YD Crime Blotter Yikes, and now your requisite update on the Graspin’ Aspen case: Colorado yoga teacher, Steven Jon Roger, was sentenced to 2 months of jail time, a $5,000 fine (the max) and 120 hours of community service. He must also write apology letters to the two students involved. Roger maintains his [...]


“I can handle B.O.,” the Dork said, “but there is nothing worse than stinky feet…” Yes that’s YogaDork in the NYTimes! Being classy as ever and making mama YD proud! We were asked to comment for the latest article on yoga class no no’s and what not to do’s, and we came out with that [...]


Brief update on the “Graspin’ Aspen” case for those following at home. The judge has rejected a plea a week before the case would go to trial… Steven Jon Roger, 48, was poised to plead no contest to two misdemeanor charges and avoid going to a jury trial next week in Pitkin County Court. But [...]

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