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Yoga in school does not violate First Amendment religious rights, a California appeals court ruled Friday. Some of you may remember the huge to-do and trial over yoga in the Encinitas Union School District, which ended in a triumph for the yoga program in the end. As a brief summary, a lawsuit was filed by conservative parents [...]


She’s blonde, she’s cute and she’s your 80-lb yoga teacher. No, she’s not another yoga cover model, she’s Jaysea DeVoe, a 13-year-old eighth grader and one of the country’s youngest official yoga teachers. She is, in fact, a legit and Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher, if that still indeed means anything to anyone anymore, with [...]


The yoga program that sparked major controversy in Encinitas not too long ago has expanded to even more schools in San Diego and now New York City. Remember the huge lawsuit? Ultimately, concerned parents were unsuccessful in proving yoga was inherently religious and the program was able to carry on in the Encinitas Union School [...]


Meet Jaysea Devoe, she’s a 12-year-old yoga teacher from Encinitas (where else?) and she’s believed to be the youngest official yoga teacher in the US completing her 200-hour training and starting her career on the California coast.


The latest dispatch from Encinitas: While most of the yoga-in-school drama has died down after a judge ruled that yoga’s not religious and therefore okay for students to practice it as part of the school district’s curriculum, we’ve been biding our time waiting for the promised appeal from the opposing parents. Well, the wait is [...]


In a move that seems like a big up yours in the most giving way possible, the Jois Foundation (now called the Sonima Foundation) has offered to up its original grant of $533,000 for a yoga program in the Encinitas Union School District (you know, the one that went to trial and won earlier this [...]


And now, the aftermath. Yesterday’s ruling that yoga is not religious and is, in fact, suitable for school children was a major win, but in its wake comes many questions and even more room for debate now that the courtroom seal has been broken and everyone and their maha maya tries to define what yoga [...]


Just kidding, the ruling on the yoga trial in Encinitas will not come this week as everyone thought. We’ll have to wait until Monday, U-T San Diego reports. Closing arguments ended Wednesday already drawing the trial out a day later than expected. Now, due to scheduling conflicts and the prerogative of Judge John Meyer to [...]


Yoga was back in court this week in Encinitas where attorneys made they’re closing arguments on the case of yoga in schools and its alleged inherent religiousness. (To catch up on the trial, check out our previous posts.) In short, an Encinitas school district began a yoga program last year funded by a grant from [...]