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Have you heard all the ruckus about sexy naked yoga ads? It’s a fracas of bodily proportions! The debate’s been raging for a week, so if you’re sick and tired of it by now we understand. Who wants to talk about body image, sexuality and yoga? Ptew! What started as a murmur was brought to [...]


Have you felt baffled by the Bhagavad Gita? Perplexed by the ancient texts? Join the club! Or as it so happens, a book group led by the virtual yoga community’s own demystifier, Mr. Bob Weisenberg. You may recognize his name as a frequenter commenter here on YD and across many other yoga blogs offering thoughtful [...]


Hey! We’ve been listed! And who doesn’t like a list? YD pals elephantjournal put together an updated version of the Top Yoga Tweeters list and YD made it! We are humbled and honored. (yayy!) We had our first yogitwit list propped up almost a year ago now, geez, so we’re glad someone decided to give [...]


Lovely yogadorks! Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? And not only that, the end of a decade! Wow. Well, 2009 was filled with tons of fun and fascinating discussions on YD thanks to all the awesome and insightful yogadorks out there. For that we are truly and sincerely grateful. And it [...]


If you’re a YD frequent visitor you probably know we love ourselves a good debate. We also love our pals at elephant journal! And who doesn’t looove Celebriyogis? *eye roll* OK so not everyone loves them a celeb endorsement and the folks at elephant journal took it to task and asked the perennial question, “Celebs [...]


There are lots of great ‘-athons’ out there, and sure you do yoga, but do you yogathon? Vancouver knows what we’re talking ’bout. This past weekend, 2,000 yogis turned out for the 8th annual Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest to help raise funds for children living with HIV/AIDS. That’s two thousand people! Including the ‘couv’s [...]

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When we’re not snarky sassypants, we yogadorks do have a heart (take note recent commenters, sheesh), and do believe in focusing on the good people of the world, every once in a while. In an age of economic turmoil, wars we may sometimes forget we’re involved in, and other atrocities of this great green Earth, [...]


We humans sure do like our lists! And why not? They help us organize and make sense of all the information thrown in our faces on a daily basis. The internets only compound that by 500 million! And how can you possibly navigate the unfathomable depths of Twitter without some assistance? So confusing! Which is [...]