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Elena Brower

On September 2nd, 10,000 yogis dressed in their uniform white, marched to Central Park’s Great Lawn, took their designated spots on their regimented yellow mats, sipped their sponsored Fiji water, and saluted the sun for the cameras. It was a glorious day, and man is it one creepy way to advertise your yoga clothing brand. [...]


Elena Brower is starting a new website and it looks like the Goop for yoga teachers. We’re not saying she’s yoga’s Gwyneth Paltrow, but she’s building a pretty strong case. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, yoga teachers, and Elena Brower, former Anusara darling turned yogapreneurial maven is set on galvanizing you all [...]


Another one bites the dust. As New York City’s yoga studio landscape continues to expand, longstanding studios are feeling the pinch. Elena Brower’s NYC yoga studio, Virayoga, announced earlier today it will be shutting its doors at the end of June after more than 12 years. The announcement came via facebook and a newsletter sent out to [...]


We’re not surprised by the defense of the massive GLBL yoga event set to take over NYC August 16th and then conquer the world with vinyasa care bear stare-like lights of goodness.

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We got down and dirty with some bittersweet reality in our post Teaching Yoga As Second Career: 3 Tips to Make It or Break It. This latest blog from GOOD highlights the plight of one aspiring NYC yoga teacher, echoing the problems many, probably thousands, of teachers face as they’re churned out of training and thrust into the competitive pool of potentials, clawing their way through the crowds to eagle pose on top of the heap.


Deemed by YD as the maven of mass yoga, Elena Brower is a busy lady. Increasingly popular in the NY yoga world and beyond, Elena, who resigned her Anusara certificate last fall (pre-scandal break) has only been growing and expanding more in her yogipreneurship through various avenues of media, teaching events, a life coaching program and now a bigger studio and new book, all of which she talks about in this candid interview. Thanks to YogaCityNYC for the republish. Read on.


More trouble in Anusaraland. Let’s pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Because this is some heavy shit. An anonymous tipster has sent us info that could potentially muddy the shiny, happy, image of John Friend and Anusara Inc., and shed some light on the recent flurry of exits by some of the brand’s foremost teachers like Elena Brower and Amy Ippoliti.


January 2012 is Yoga Freedom Month. Did you know? The yoga community has come together in unity in the past to support varying causes from cancer cures to rebuilding Haiti. Yoga Freedom Project, a new organization co-created by Off the Mat NYC leader Heather Snyder, is on a mission to unite the yoga community to help put an end to sex trafficking.

Read on to learn more from Heather about the cause and what we as a community can do about the issue of sex trafficking. In NYC? Come out for the big event on the 31st! Maybe we’ll see you there.


Is this contagious? Amy Ippoliti is the latest teacher to hand in her Anusara sash and branch from the pack, just as, we remind you, leader John Friend did with his Iyengar certificate years ago before creating his own empire. Elena Brower made huge news when she gracefully stepped down from her throne as resigning Anusara Empress back in November, along with Christina Sell and Darren Rhodes also sayonara-ing.