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eating disorders

Your article “Yes You CAN Think Yourself Thin: From resisting that biscuit to learning to love the gym, a life-changing book reveals the new way to hit your perfect weight” not only saddened and disheartened me but, as an eating disorder survivor, deeply triggered me.


A major yoga magazine is being heavily criticized for providing what appears to be “a manual for bulimia nervosa.” Ever heard of “The Tiger”? Apparently it’s an ancient practice involving self-induced vomiting as a means of self-purification and flattening your stomach. UK-based Yoga Magazine is under serious fire after publishing an informational how-to as if it’s a [...]


If you haven’t seen this video of yoga teacher Chelsea Roff receiving the best ever “Prank it Fwd” then you must watch it right now. The YouTube video which has been shared through every internet outlet possible has already received over 5.7 million views and probably produced almost just as many tear-soaked tissues because this [...]


Does holiday indulgence come with an extra helping of anxiety and shame? In response to fat speak in relation to food and exercise, and yes yoga, one yoga teacher wishes to send a different message of nourishment holiday season. Read her open letter to the yoga community below.


For many people in our culture, yoga is seen as a “fad”, an exercise routine, or simply another way to tone the glutes. But for those in the yoga world, we know the powerful healing affects of the practice. We understand the transformation that can occur when we step onto our mats time and time again. It is one of my missions to show the world that yoga is much more than just bending the body. And that is why I wanted to share this post written by a dear soul who wishes to remain anonymous. Enjoy this touching piece and maybe even reflect on your own transformational story. We have all engaged in some activity that has changed our lives, let us always remember our roots in order for us to grow and fly.


These days you don’t have to dig too deep to find news about how yoga has positively benefited yet another group of individuals, whether they be high school jocks, yuppies, troops in Iraq, cancer survivors, or addiction recoverees. We’ve been a bit snippy snap with the news crew over at TIME mag, (they had it [...]