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Drew Barrymore

This photo is breaking the internets. OK. Not Kardashian breakage. But mommy and me yoga cuteness overload breakage. Mom of two, Drew Barrymore, posted this photo to her instagram on Wednesday with caption, “Princess Elsa came to our mother daughter yoga class. #magicdays #iloveolive.” Her daughter’s name is Olive, and apparently Olive loves Elsa! (From [...]


If for no reason other than an excuse to share a photo of the adorable, pregnant bellied actress and her cutie heart sunglasses. She had a rocky, raucous childhood and we’re pleased to see her maternal chill side. Also, we have a special place in our uterus for prenatal yoga and will shamelessly plug it. Special thanks to Drew’s unborn babe and her side-of-the-mouth lisp thing.


It’s Drew Barrymore! (and yogi pal) The funky fashioned sprite emerged looking rather psychedelicly yogafied after a class in NYC yesterday. If we had to guess by the looks of the backdrop it must’ve been somewhere in the East Village.