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down dog

NamaStay. Sit. Roll over. Good dog. Well, here it is. The dreaded down dog blog – Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana. I’ve been thinking about writing this for a couple of years and, like my healthy eating, it comes and goes. The time has come to share thoughts and create a conversation about this complicated pose. But I don’t want to create anti-ahimsa and asana arguments. I am, after all, a yoga teacher.


We warned you about it and now it’s here. It’s pilot season for Amazon Studios and the new yoga comedy “Down Dog” is up for your viewing pleasure. And based on viewers’ ratings you can help decide its fate. Meet Logan, a pretty-faced playboy Cali stoner turned rockstar yoga teacher. He’s never really done too [...]


Seriously, where would we be without the utter adorableness of Pancho the Yoga-Practicing Chihuahua Pup? Some of us might remember P-dawg from his first squee-worthy yoga video. We have to say there isn’t too much visible difference in his practice between then and now, but we yogis know that change isn’t always what happens on [...]

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Poochy and Chester instinctively stretch their front paws forward, rear limbs back, arch and lengthen their furry torsos, and swoosh their tails. Frequently.
Yet Jack and Jill tend to be perma-hunchbacked in their soft-as-mashed-potatoes sofa watching the dumbo-tron, fingers glued to their smarter-than-human devices, with a bag of chips and can of soda on their laps. We must be in Kali Yuga.