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When it comes to humans vs dogs in yoga, we’re pretty sure dogs will always win by default (and for cuteness!). As evidenced by this master yogi pup who’s all like, “Do like this! Easy! No, no. Like this!” Adorbs. [Huffington Post] —— Earlier… Chihuahua Yoga Cuteness The Goat and the Yoga Ball, An Adorable [...]


This Italian man (yoga teacher?) is trying to teach his Chihuahua puppy some yoga and we invite to watch the adorableness that ensues. Sure, there’s probably a tasty treat involved off camera, but it’s about the journey, not the reward. Besides, we would be doing you a great disservice by the laws of internet cuteness [...]


 Doggie Says Do Your Yoga [via] —— Earlier… Cute Yoga Kitty Supta Pie-Asana – photo Adorable Kitten Loves Vinyasa Flow Yoga (video) Yoga Cat Surya Namaskar Adorableness (video) Best Infographics and Yoga Funnies of 2012


Your latest in Odd and Beastly News: Apparently yoga teachers in Boulder don’t get lessons on doggie dharma. Or at least this one in particular missed the session on Chihuahua-himsa – as in you don’t “walk” a dog outside your car while you drive it! Acupuncturist and yoga teacher Joan Renee Zalk was dogsitting the [...]


Because It’s Monday… Who says there isn’t karma yoga in household pets? Why here’s a perfect example of a sweet dog offering a kindhearted gesture to a kitty on a scooter in need. Prime, prime example. We can get supremely dorky here and describe how this is a metaphor for our efforts in life. On [...]

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