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Because it’s Monday! This pup is up to get down dog. er, something…what’s your caption? [via icanhascheezburger of course] —— Earlier… Kitty Tested, Science Approved: Cats Relax (Even More) With Yoga Meditation Music The Anti-Yoga Kitty Makes Us Feel OK More where that came from, continue reading posts on Cat Yoga Yoga with Horses! The [...]


If you’ve ever lost motivation to get on the mat (and folks we can tell you we’ve been there!), just look to our fellow furry friends for a little inspiration and a whole lotta cute! On this blessed Monday, we hope you can draw some incentive to do a bit of downdogging yourself, or at [...]


Ah, Friday. The end of the work week, when it’s finally acceptable to daydream of weekend plans. Maybe you’re whisking your tuches off to some remote location, finding peace with the remote on the couch, or settling your tush down on the zafu for peace of mind. OR, you could be planning a bike ride…with [...]


Meet Bubba! A Chicagoan French Bulldog in the running to star in a Purina fed “dog-umentary” featuring dogs whose “attitudes are bigger than their size.” While most of the other canine contestants seem to be feisty ‘protectors,’ little Bubba is the serene and peaceful warrior. At just under 2 years old Bubba demonstrates some real [...]


“Between layoffs, threats of terrorism, and tainted dog food, the world can be a stressful place for you and your four-legged friends.” [Hard nosed CNN reporter] Oh you’re kidding. CNN, always with the staunchest coverage of the most pressing and vital news stories, has finally sicked its investigative team on the Doga case. Leave it [...]


For the most part we’ve refrained from comment on the whole Doga thing. Hey we think it’s pretty adorable and probably therapeutic for either companion, but it strikes us as a little kooky (we’re not the only ones, look at that little pup’s mug- we don’t know what he’s thinking but it sure doesn’t look [...]


Famous toking moviestar and the often shirtless, Matthew McConaughey, put on a little beach yoga show over the weekend with his pup, BJ, who preferred sand burrowing to beach doga. Onlookers had a laugh at McConaughey’s intense concentration, but we think it was probably the backwards visor – that guy is so Surftown USA, we [...]


Fastidious mogul Martha Stewart focused yesterday’s show on tips to “Stress Less” which included a segment on yoga, more specifically “partner yoga” …with your pup. Now as much as we’d like a furry friend, our tiny apartment and harebrained schedule don’t facilitate dog ownership at the moment. And so, it’s safe to say we have [...]