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Upstaging yoga-practicing humans is doggie de rigueur on the Internets but somehow it just does. not. get. old. Note to self: wipe down yoga mat before and after each use. Also: use a yoga mat. You may also like… What Happens In Dog Yoga Class Pets Interrupting Yoga is Adorable, Hilarious, and So, So True [...]


Alt. title: Humans twist and contort their dogs and call it yoga but it’s adorable and sweet so nobody minds. In case you missed it, 270 dogs and their humans yoga’d together in Hong Kong to break a world record. People love breaking world records with yoga, don’t they? Via the Daily Mail: The world’s [...]


Pets and yoga are two of our favorite things. Together, we can’t resist their adorableness. Even when the pets do headstand better than we can! Ace and Holly are two border collies who apparently enjoy doing more than down dog when their hooman, Dai Aoki, practices yoga (with an exercise ball under his noggin, which [...]


In case you were wondering what yoga looks like from a dog’s eye view. An updog’s eye view, that is. Talk about going to the source. We can’t wait to see the “humans interrupting dog yoga video” soon to go viral on Youtube. —— Earlier… At-Home Yoga DON’T: Woman Accidentally Sends Dog Flying As She [...]


This is a public service announcement: At-home yoga is great. At-home yoga can be one of the most wonderful practices and habits one could pick up for overall health and wellness. At-home yoga should be practiced in the clear of sharp objects, furniture and living breathing creatures who could get the kibble knocked out of [...]


Ah, dogs, the REAL yoga masters. It would only be their wise and woofy ways to make us humans think we’re actually teaching them yoga, then when it’s the perfect timing, pow! they expose us as fools and hump each other live on TV. Woofsy daisy! Let’s suspend rational thinking for a moment and let [...]

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Yoga and pets! We’ve seen some pretty special pet-enhanced yoga sessions, and by special we mean hilarious, adorable, mischievous and ouch! worthy. (see: classic cat yoga fail). Now we’ve got a collection of funny pet-terrupting yoga videos in one happy compilation, thanks to the Huffington Post. Prepare to laugh your tails off. —— Earlier… Yoga [...]


Seriously, where would we be without the utter adorableness of Pancho the Yoga-Practicing Chihuahua Pup? Some of us might remember P-dawg from his first squee-worthy yoga video. We have to say there isn’t too much visible difference in his practice between then and now, but we yogis know that change isn’t always what happens on [...]

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And now for something completely silly and brainlessly entertaining. Bulldog yoga! If you weren’t already aware, French bulldogs, and bulldogs of all types, seem to be especially huge fans of yoga. Sure, all canines appreciate the occasional feelgood up-and-downward dog, but these little smushface munchkin pups show it off with such exceeding dexterity and adorable [...]