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If every body is a yoga body why do some bodies still feel left out? Yoga is evolving to become more accessible and welcoming to everybody and their body type—hallelujah!—but the skinny stigma still clings like a sweaty sports bra thanks to most of the media we see. And so it makes us happy to [...]

Eartha Kitt, 1970s.

The history of yoga is a fascinating and oft revered topic. How many times do you hear about the "ancient" and sacred practice that's thousands of years old? And how this Eastern practice and philosophy made its way West to eventually evolve into what we've come to know as modern yoga? But what we know [...]

Afrocentering "care session"  with Aimee Meredith Cox. | Photo credit: New Museum, NY.

Yogactivism comes in waves. When there's a cause, there's sure to be a swell of yogis there to fight for it. But when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement, the majority of the yoga community for whatever reason has gone from om to mum. Perhaps it's too political? Too controversial? While inclusivity and [...]

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Adding to the conversation of accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity, Queering Yoga is a new project set on expanding awareness and education around the trans community in yoga. As a documentary film, the intention behind Queering Yoga is to provide real-life perspectives and insights to empower, educate, and integrate. Ewan Duarte, the project's Director and Producer states: As [...]


It’s our annual YogaDork’s State of the Yoga Union. We’ve asked a few select leaders and thinkers to share their reflections, predictions and perspectives on the year of yoga that was, 2015, the year of yoga that will be in 2016, and the state of the (yoga) union. ... by Susanna Barkataki We are at a [...]

image via rainierbeachyoga.com

You'd think more diversity in yoga would bring us together, not tear us further apart. But what is inclusivity and accessibility to some is being seen as separation and alienation, even racism, to others. When a yoga studio in Seattle set out to create a safe space for people of color, they had no idea [...]


Diversity has been a hot topic in yoga as of late. Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. Three biggies that help form the foundation for the increasingly ubiquitous and benevolent mantra "yoga is for everybody." But, good intentions aside, are yoga teachers saying the wrong things to make students feel otherwise? Short answer: yep, probably. But they [...]


image via @MyNameIsJessamyn Sadly, we're still at a point where we need photographic reminders that yoga is for every body. The good news, however, is there are some folks out there who are dead set on proving it. Thanks to Instagram (thanking Instagram? this won't happen often), images of yogis with bodies of all shapes [...]


As yoga expands, it's also getting smaller. Smaller in the sense that members of the yoga community are increasingly focusing their attention on the microcosms and smaller pockets that exist amongst practitioners that have been otherwise overlooked, and in many cases, underserved. This is partly why the Yoga Service Council came to be in the [...]