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Diamond Dallas Page

The world watched former paratrooper Arthur Boorman transform from a Gulf War vet who could barely walk to a lean mean headstanding yoga machine. He did it with a hell of a lot of will power, better nutrition and DDP Yoga. That’s Diamond Dallas Page – former pro wrestler turned yogapreneur – Yoga. We talked to Arthur, and [...]

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Former pro wrestler turned yogapreneur/motivational coach Diamond Dallas Page is on a mission: to help all of his aging wrestling buddies get back on their feet again. Literally. Sure it looks like all fun and games on TV for those bulky folks in spandex, but however many times you roll your eyes at the over [...]


It was one of the biggest and most inspirational stories of 2012. And the video of Arthur Boorman’s amazing transformation from partially disabled, depressed and overweight Gulf War vet who could hardly walk to a fit and fiercely optimistic yoga teacher who lost 140 lbs and gained his life back went viral more than once and became [...]


Diamond Dallas Page may be a former 3 time world champion wrestler who eschews yoga “mumbo jumbo” in exchange for chaturanga pushups. He may have been that guy posing with half naked women touting “T & A” to promote his EXTREME yoga workout. He may be the in your face hard ass with the rock ‘n roll intro music, a punchy ‘fist’ed logo and a joking and somewhat cringeworthy tagline “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga!” Pow!


Remember Diamond Dallas Page? He’s the one with his own pro-wrestler hand sign and DDP-branded “It Ain’t Your Mama’s” Yoga. Oh sure, we can poke fun at the utter dudeness and fist-pumping approach to Page’s manly man yoga, but we have to admit watching this homemade video of Arthur, a partially disabled and overweight Gulf War vet who could hardly walk, make an almost impossible transformation thanks to DDP’s ass-kicking yoga set our little YD hearts aflutter.


Diamond Dallas Page Now Prefers Putting Foot Over His Head To Up Someone’s Ass


Wii yoga games are apparently the new iPhone app. There’s already the sensibly titled and model-guided Wii Yoga game coming out this fall, on top of the Yoga already offered in Wii Fit. Do we need more? “Maybe what you’re looking for in a virtual personal trainer is someone who could put you in a [...]


Now for your Monday Ultimate Fighting Championship news… Hey, we’ve seen what happens in the Kung Fu Vs. Yoga battle, right? (“I’m rubber, you’re glue!” -skip to the end you’ll see) What if martial arts and yoga could be friends? Ultimate fighters and yogis? We found a fun little news bit highlighting the forbidden love/hate [...]