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And then there are days we cheer for football players practicing yoga! Sure it’s not new news anymore, per se (heck, it seems there are more football players doing yoga now than not — which is also not true…yet), but it is good news! While the whole “yoga is for girls” line is played out like bro-tastic beer commercials [...]


Now you’ll never hear us saying mayors shouldn’t do yoga, especially mayors of major cities like Detroit, but draining funds from your nonprofit to support your Down Dog is a low down dirty shame. 12 days of testimony into the trial of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick did not end with an Om but with an Ugh.


And for today’s download of random yoga news: 4-year-old Yogi Ronak Vitha from India Sets National Pushup record – 1,500 in 40 minutes! “When he was 2 years old, we used to practice yoga at home, stretching exercises, and he used to perform yoga on his own, something that was very difficult for us to [...]


Hello Yoga, you wanted acceptance? Here you go! But it’s gonna cost ya! Life just got a little bit stricter, and costlier, for Michigan yoga studios hoping to make a healthy buck training new yoga teachers. The state Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth has caught wind of this here yoga boom and wants [...]


Hey do-gooders and social action heroes, here’s an organization for you: Yoga for the Unemployed! It’s true, on this stormy spring day comes gloomy gray news that in March the unemployment rate in the US reached a 25-year high, that’s 8.5%, 633,00 jobs lost. Still (still!) there is news from Detroit, of all places, that [...]