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Dahn Yoga

Sexual abuse! Brainwashing! Corruption! All accusations against the creepsters of Dahn Yoga (see previous articles) which proved too much for its brainy leader to handle – he’s cut and run!  Ichi Lee announced his resignation as CEO of BR Consulting, the corporate consulting side of the Dahn Yoga cabal. Mr. Lee released a “transition” statement [...]


If you’ve been following the Dahn Yoga cult scandal then you know it’s been a massive uproar involving brainwashing allegations and serious accusations of abuse. If you haven’t, the story is finally reaching mass media news outlets and is spilling over from the active online discussions and comments of support from former members. With CNN [...]


Wow, Campbell Brown’s blog is ablaze with yoga scandalocity! It’s not a new story per se, but now this Dahn Yoga cult mischief is finally stirring enough buzz to snag the big kids. And rightly so, really. There have been a multitude of allegations against potential miscreant Mr. Ilchi Lee, and his massive wellness, some [...]


File this under category Uh oh. Is Dahn Yoga a cult and is it infiltrating NYC’s public schools?? In our world of yoga(dork) news we’ve reached the conclusion that this malarkey is hardly relevant. Or is it?! When you call it “yoga” you know we’re gonna have something to say. Some of you may be [...]


Scandals!  Lawsuits!  Mind Manipulation? …Cult? …Yoga? Hopefully that’s not what one might normally associate with our precious yoga, or would like to anyway. But for any Dahn Yoga practitioners out there (not to be confused with the Yoga ‘Don‘), this may all be a little too close for comfort. (Though, we’re with YD pals at [...]