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Yoga and cats? Genius! Let us explain. An animal shelter in Illinois recently teamed up with a local yoga studio to have a very special benefit/adoption event/kitty cat yoga class – which is a pretty fantastic idea considering that quite possibly the cutest cat poses we’ve ever seen ever are those from our feline friends. [...]


Pets and yoga are two of our favorite things. Together, we can’t resist their adorableness. Even when the pets do headstand better than we can! Ace and Holly are two border collies who apparently enjoy doing more than down dog when their hooman, Dai Aoki, practices yoga (with an exercise ball under his noggin, which [...]


“When your monster wants to throw things and your monster wants to shout, there’s a way to calm your monster and chill your inner monster out.” This is adorableness. Elmo teaches us all how to belly breathe with the help of his pals, rapper Common and singer Colbie Caillat. The trio sings about turning into [...]


Yoga is for Every Bunny*
*and every body.


Aw, dino, don’t get sour. We all have our limitations. Somebody get this dinoyogi some props! We’re sure we all have moments like this. #roawwwrrommmm This cute illustration by artist queenmob caught our eye on Threadless. The print is available in t-shirts, wall art and iphone cases. We want it on socks, can we get [...]


Ah, dogs, the REAL yoga masters. It would only be their wise and woofy ways to make us humans think we’re actually teaching them yoga, then when it’s the perfect timing, pow! they expose us as fools and hump each other live on TV. Woofsy daisy! Let’s suspend rational thinking for a moment and let [...]

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It’s Kermit THE Frog practicing his daily yoga and sun salutations. Because Yoda doesn’t have to be only adorable green zen master. Even muppets need to take time on their mats, especially sweet frogs hopelessly romantic for talking pigs.   Kermie says Namaste. #downwardfacingfrog Sun salutation images via aikido-reading.co.uk Check out all of them here. —— [...]


It’s a child’s (and parent’s) dream come true! The Franklin Institute announced it will be holding Yoga with Elmo classes every Wednesday in November for kids of all ages (though you might want to let the little ones have this one). So when Elmo’s not being painfully cute, doing yoga with Amy Poehler or being [...]


Infographics, we eat ’em up like maple pumpkin cupcakes of information! The writers – and SITTERS – of the world will appreciate this latest “Pose Before Prose” infographic from the fine literate minds at Electric Lit. “Writer’s block giving you a bad back? Plot twists leaving you with an aching neck?” It’s time for “Looking [...]