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Up elephant? Amazing, majestic creatures, elephants. And maybe they’re even more part canine than we thought. Caught on camera doing his feeding time stretches this ellie shows us just how mighty and graceful they can be. His up dog isn’t bad either. The awesome scene was snapped in Zimbabwe by Brazilian singer Ana Zinger who was [...]


We love quick, to the point how-to meditation videos. They’re super helpful! Give us some adorable animation to boot and we are happy meditating campers. This cute “Meditation 101” video from Happify isn’t a guided meditation per se but it will help guide you on your way towards a regular meditation practice, especially if you’ve [...]


Old McYogi had a farm…om-ee-om-ee-ooom. There’s yoga with cats, yoga with dogs, even yoga with bunnies and now there’s yoga with goats! It’s actually a bit sweeter than it sounds (though we imagine a little bit smellier, too). For Lainey Morse, owner of a No Regrets Farm in Oregon, pairing yoga and goats makes perfect [...]


Sloth Yoga…now THAT sounds like a hot new style. While becoming increasingly stiff competition for the current reigning champs of the internet (that’d be cats, of course) sloths still lag far behind when it comes to anything related to physical activity. And yet, here we have a sloth, finding time between his two favorite things, napping [...]


All together now… Awwwwwmmmmm… This kitty cat yoga class thing has got some claws! And we have to say, the adorableness does not get old. Vancouver is the latest city to embrace the furry feline-asana with a kitty class to raise awareness and funds for a local shelter. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (or [...]


In case you weren’t satisfied with the adorableness of yoga with adoptable kitties, a non-profit group in Vancouver has organized a special yoga event where you can practice your rabbit pose with the best of them. Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia created the bunny yoga event to help raise money and awareness for the rabbits [...]


You had us at Kitty Yoga. Needless to say, we love cats and we love yoga. Combing the two? Why, ’tis one of our dream scenarios! For those unfamiliar, a cat cafe is a cat sanctuary/adoption center paired with a cafe – like it sounds, right? Meow Parlour, currently NYC’s only cat cafe (we say currently [...]


We usually dislike headlines such as the one we just wrote, but in this case, it may actually be true. And we’re not in any position to deny you the joyful experience of dogs captured looking euphorically zen, are we? For this photo series, professional pet and wildlife photographer Alex Cearns spent hours with these beautiful [...]


We’re sorry if you’re just beginning to lay that earworm down for savasana, but this was too cute not to share. Meghan Trainor’s catchy tune gets a new spin and a kick of prana with the help of some yoga peeps who know it’s “all about that base”…AKA your foundation. Get it? This is some [...]