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Curvy Yoga

Yoga is for everyone and we’re glad that people (AKA the internets) are finally starting to take notice. This recent post from magical listicle site BuzzFeed highlights the many curvy yogis who proudly post instagram photos of themselves practicing yoga with tags like #curvyyoga.* Bravo, ladies. And bravo Buzzies for pointing to the powerful positive body [...]


Sure, yoga can be relaxing, but let’s be real. In its very essence of purpose yoga can cause a total mental shitfest, before the calm. And this is good. In this article from XOJane, Catherine Lafuente shares her experience of being an overweight, echoing the internal battle many of us have in our mind about our bodies, and adds to it the challenges she faces with obesity to “settle on being the only person in the room who can’t touch their toes and heels together” and to ultimately find acceptance on and off the mat.


Trisha Townes teaches Full-Figure Yoga at Harlem Yoga Studio in NYC. ABC News is all over it. What makes Full-Figure yoga different? Trisha says it’s modifications and making everyone feel welcomed. From the Harlem Yoga Studio: Full Figured Yoga:  A basic Hatha Yoga Class adapted for the larger, curvier adult or teen.  Yoga is a wonderful [...]


Do you have a bigger body? Are you intimidated to practice yoga because of it? It’s true in the culture of fitness, and by association, yoga, we’re often surrounded by images of sleekly slim yogis flexing their lanky limbs on the mats next to us, leading the classes, or plastered in front of us in [...]


We know it. Yoga is for everybody, right? Every Body. But, wait! Quick, just imagine for a second the picture of the “perfect” yogi? Who do you see? Is he/she fit, slender and pretty? Are they ready for their close-up for the cover of Yoga Journal? In a culture consumed by body image and fitness [...]