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Breaking Celebriyogi News! where else but on yogadork.com? We can’t seem to find the source where she said this, though it’s blowing up all over the internets. Minnie Driver is one hot Cougaryogi Surfer Mama! (she’s 40 by the way, so we think it’s official). There she is above with her cute 17-month old bumpkin, [...]


AND NOW FOR BREAKING NEWS! Cameron Diaz stretches! In a bikini! Nice uh.. plank, miss. This sentence just kills us: “The actress was spotted in her bikini in the Caribbean doing a strenuous yoga session.” [Daily Mail UK] Ah, the life of a celebriyogi! Strenuous yoga by the seaside. And just look at her lazy [...]


Gah! Did we really leave Martha Stewart off The List? For shame. How were we to know the magnate of better living would be yoga-ing it up with Sting‘s yoga-partner-in-life Trudie Styler? We weren’t invited! Last time we saw Madame Martha in her stretchy pants she was demonstrating some awkward maneuvers with a dog. Doga [...]


Jennifer Aniston seems to be a real bummer in the boyfriend dept., but at least she has a nice bum! Yes, yes a fit bod is what these Hollywood celebriyogis find when they have all that spare time in between making lots of money, making Starbucks runs and dating Mr. Wrong! At least in Jen’s [...]


OK Madonna‘s had her share of kooky conduct in the past, especially in regards to privates (zing!), but we find it rather funny that this news bit, primarily a Bikram sound bite, is making HER look like the bad guy. Why? Because we know how masterful Bikram Choudhury is with quotable quotes. Besides, lots of [...]


Is she not the cutest? We love Andie MacDowell! Sure, she’s probably most acclaimed for Sex, Lies, and Videotape, but we admit our favorite performance has to be alongside Bill Murray in the 90s classic Groundhog Day. Now at 51, the gorgeous Madame MacDowell will be dropping trou in two new movies for Lifetime, “At [...]