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Corporate Yoga

Yoga instructor Alice Van Ness was fired from her teaching position at Facebook for enforcing a no cellphone during class rule, sparking an interesting debate between the business oriented and those just trying to clear their citta-vrttis.


Yoga, the new choice in hobnobbing! The New York Post has a piece on the practice of workplace yoga outings replacing a stereotypical round of golf, or brewskies, for intra-office pow-wowing. Cute! It’s wonderful to share yoga with others, and when it’s you and your co-workers, or BOSS, chillaxing (or sweating profusely?) together, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for brown-nosing, er bonding.


We’ve been wondering how long it would take for news on the health of Corporate Yoga to pop up, because we’ve been waiting for a good reason to talk about it. Amid the turbulence, strung out citizens seem to be clinging to yoga as stress relief even more these days, and who could need it [...]