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Cora Wen

Two years ago, I wrote a year-end reflection about what I had seen beautifully develop in the cyber sangha. In that piece, I shared that “the cyber sangha has sometimes proven a greater support than studio communities.”


Happy May 17th, 2011! Do you know what today is? Buddha’s Birthday! We are so thrilled to have the incomparable yoga crone Cora Wen give us the lowdown. Today is Buddha’s Birthday. The full moon in May is one of the most auspicious and significant days In the Buddhist tradition. On the night of the  full moon, people [...]

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It’s Friday! That’s great! Or maybe just “Good”? get it? Whatever your plans for the weekend we hope you take the time to reflect on what’s most important, sunshine, savasana and treats! (kidding! sorta) Seriously though, if you want to dork out about the origin of “Easter”, or “Eastre” as the goddess was known in [...]


Have you heard about the Sirsasana Challenge 2010? It’s on! Read this post featuring impromptu-Sirsa queen Cora Wen, and view the first photos on the YD facebook page to get an idea! So speaking of Cora, and headstands, how bout a little how-to video featuring both? For this one there are lots of fun props, [...]


And now….New Years traditions and reflections by the one and only sirsa queen, the gracious and inspiring yogacrone, Cora Wen! Do You Believe in Magic? Standing in the Full Blue Moonlight Oak Moon, Bitter Moon, Snow Moon, Long Night Moon, Cold Moon, Rain and Wind Moon – these are some traditional names given to the [...]


She calls it Sirsa Graffiti Around the World. We call it Awesome! Meet Cora Wen! The world traveling yogini who makes it her business to share her ever expanding knowledge of yoga through teacher trainings and workshops all over the globe, and on her head! See if you can spot the stillness of a yogi [...]