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Conan O’Brien

Comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias aka ‘Fluffy’ showed Conan O’Brien a few yoga moves Tuesday night and we’re pretty sure a good time was had by all. There were Cats and Cows and Down Dogs and blood-filled pants! Iglesias has Type 2 Diabetes, as he explained to Conan, and his doctor told him he had [...]

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When Conan’s not showing us his own yoga apparently he becomes a human yoga prop. From Wednesday night’s (May 9th) ‘Conan’ where ‘Vampire Diaries’ star and yoga practitioner Nina Dobrev was coerced into demoing her scorpion pose much to Coco’s horror-feigned delight.


Oh my. Thursday night on Conan action star Maggie Q explains how she stays fit for her Nikita role – with yoga! Conan then innocently asks for a tip or trick to “get into the zone” before a show, and she gives him side crow! Jump back to chaturanga for crying out loud. Props to [...]