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Compass Yoga

“Yoga used as therapy for Fort Gordon soldiers with brain injuries” is the kind of headline that can make our day. In a world where peaceful warrior is still just a nice stretchy yoga pose, we’re happy to see that yoga can still play its role in establishing a state of peace, and in this case rehabilitation.


Hey NYC yoga fans, not doing anything this weekend? Come down to this season’s kickoff of the famous Hester Street Fair on the Lower East Side, shop for those cute and quirky vintage finds to make Zooey Deschanel jealous and get your yoga on. We’ve mentioned Compass Yoga before, the super inspiring, newly minted non-profit poised to bring to hospitals, veterans and folks in need of healing what Bent on Learning has brought to NYC schools and school kids.


Who deserves yoga more: a cancer survivor, a war veteran or someone grieving the loss of a loved one? If you asked Christa Avampato, founder of Compass Yoga, without hesitation she’d say all three, and continue with a list of people with diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, back conditions, hip replacements, depression, dementia and then some.