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College Humor

Introducing CrossFit Yoga. What happens when two popular fitness cultures clash? A super hardcore vibe, AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) of sun salutations, and a lot of involuntary vomiting on the mat. This silly video from College Humor demonstrates exactly why, like Diet Coke and Mentos, the two shall not mix well. Actually, you [...]


And then there was that time College Humor made a video about “Gandhi” doing yoga, not decades ago, but NOW, as in a modern day yoga class. And man, OH, man, is it one zinger after another aimed directly at western yoga culture not having one single Krishna-loving clue. There’s Coldplay, juice fasting, certified (certified) [...]


The kids at College Humor take a stab at yoga class humor. Is it funny? You bet your bushy anuses. Er, just watch the video. Then be sure to “jump, flow or teleport into Mountain Cow” today. [via] —— Earlier… I Go To Yoga For The Loose Men Missed Yoga Connections: ‘Petite, Very Bendy’ Seeks [...]