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coconut water

We are pleased to be giving away one mixed case of Amy & Brian tallboys, courtesy of the AB team. It’s 100% yummy coconut juice, no added sugar, no added juju.


File this in the ‘Oh really?’ FYI category… Coconut water is everywhere! Not just your local Bikram studio anymore. Just ask the huge redheaded Rihanna at all the bus stops. So, coco-hydraters out there, what’s all the fuzz about anyway? An in-depth article at Slate takes a stab at how folks have become so coo coo [...]


It’s summer! You know how we know? Our skin has taken on consistent spritzer mode and our face has that familiar hot-yoga flushed, shiny sweat gleam. ALL THE TIME. Beauteous! But we shall take measures to mightily conquer the heat and quench our thirst! What’s the perfect summertime refresher and replenesher? Coconut water! And we’re [...]


Lookout world! It’s raining…coconut water! While multiple coco water brands rumble for position as top nut, major bev companies are sinking their teeth into the ripe ‘healthy’ drink market hoping to reap the benefits of sweet profit! (too much?). Dramatics aside, as if we didn’t make the more-coconuts-in-your-face warning clear enough last week, this news [...]


Have you noticed an increase of coconuts in your face lately? Coconut water to be more specific – those juicy cartons seem to be everywhere we turn! Is it just in NY? Well have no fear rest of the country, apparently, according to the Wall Street Journal, you too will have the pleasure of thirsting over coconut water ads very soon!   It’s [...]