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Cleveland Cavaliers

In case there was any confusion, men practice yoga, too. And we’d be willing to bet there’s a bunch of skeptical guys out there who have tried yoga simply because they’d heard some of their favorite professional athletes have taken to the practice to better their game, as well as their bodies, their minds and [...]


We’re pretty sure no one will forget Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s connection with yoga, like ever, as long as Bikram has his way. But unlike Kareem and Bikram’s disciples, Lebron believes in downward dog. Also, Vajrasana, Virasana and even Salamba Sarvangasana.


Students at Holy Cross Elementary School must’ve been praying extra hard! This past Monday basketball superstar LeBron James made a special visit to the school, for yoga class! Yep, 26 lucky kiddles got to practice with the b-baller as part of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Fit as a Pro program. And they even got to use [...]