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Uh oh. Before you drop another month’s rent on a juice cleanse, you might want to watch this video. Juice cleanses are all the rage lately especially with the wellness/yoga lot, and it being spring and all, everyone wants to purge their toxins by stopping eating all together and consuming only liquified produce. Some may [...]


Tired of the cayenne and lemon? Had enough of the green stuff? Would rather eat ice cream all day and go to yoga? Here’s the perfect sweetspot! A Venice-based ice cream shop teamed up with a local yoga teacher to develop the yoga-ice cream diet. (Helloooo, LA). Serving up frozen coconut cream delights, Kippy Miller of Kippy’s! [...]


Being yogis we’re familiar with the idea of detoxification or cleansing the body of toxins – we feel like we do it every time we practice – and everyone should be familiar with it each time they go to the bathroom! (sorry to get a little gross there). Obviously there are natural cleansing procedures doing [...]

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