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Christine Day

Lulu lollies what is the deal? You are NOT getting NAKED ENOUGH! Alert! Despite being up today, Lululemon stock has received a “distressing” two-star rating! That’s not so good, Al. Just a few months back investors were singing the shiny happy praises of the overpriced yoga outfitter. Oh, but that was such a long time [...]


Profit Drop Hey! Did you join the Lululemon Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2008 Earnings Results Conference Call yesterday? No? Us either! Seriously, who can stand to listen to that monotonous financial dribble drabble? Well, we’re no stock analysts, but we did read a little news today and, unsurprisingly, it seems the Lulubird report is pretty [...]


Yoga Birthday Parties!: Ladies and Gents are you tired of those lamo birthday parties that are all about YOU?  Wouldn’t you rather have everyone  retreat into their own sweaty practice of self-discovery on your special day of birth? No? Greedy punks! Just kidding. Truthfully if you’re tired of getting soggy on the sauce every year this sounds [...]