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Christine Day

And the reign of Chip Wilson comes to an end. Lululemon co-founder will be cutting ties with the brand, maybe for good? Wilson has announced his resignation as non-executive Chairman after a long and painful run of controversies. He will stay on through next spring but will depart before the company’s annual meeting in June 2014.


And now for an update on your favorite exorbipants yoga label, or otherwise, yoga biz news we’d rather not hear about. Lululemon is not out of the proverbial see-through woods yet. The brand is being sued by the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Pension & Relief Fund. Why? Because they owned about $1.3 million of Lululemon stock when all hell [...]


If we didn’t laugh we’d cry. At least they still have their sense of humor. And they would very much like to remind us of that. Seriously, please, can’t everyone just focus on how fun they are? Either way, the fake job posting for a new CEO is both pretty funny and a little bit [...]


It’s already been quite the year for the old lemon lulus. The see-through pantscapade really threw them for a loop. We hear the affected styles are making it back to shelves, and the lulus will survive, and still make a bazillion dollars, yadda yadda, but it appears Lululemon has taken a kick in the pants [...]


It seems the entry into viral yoga videoland isn’t the only recent change at lululemon HQ to make up for Ayn Randian booboos.


Ahhhhhh. All you tween and tweenfolk parents can breathe a great sigh of relief. OR possibly you’d rather shriek in horror. Either way lulu is coming for your kids! Preteen girls to be specific. “It’s a huge niche market that was missing,” [says CEO Christine] Day in an interview. “We have the opportunity to do [...]


Yoga: it’s big news! (for yuppies! oh we kid. we meant yippies) This bright Monday morning (afternoon?) brings us not one but TWO profiles on our favorite goal-setting stretchy pants company, Lululemon (NYMag, NYTimes) (and quite frankly we were offended neither one asked for our input). There’s not much said we didn’t know before, but [...]


All right, we admit at this point we almost feel bad giving the lulus a little jib jab. Really, it’s not even our nature to roast tootsies when they’re already cookin’. It’s like when everyone’s in awe of the macho popular kid with his buff muscles and uber coolness until everyone finds out he’s really [...]


Hey! As we anxiously await the presumably flat First-Quarter Profit announcement from Lululand (UPDATE: Lululemon Athletica profit drops; guidance misses), we present to you the hot scoop! We shouldn’t be telling you this, lollie-spies are everywhere. But we’re not ones to hold back. Lululemon is launching a top secret line for a totally newfangled sport. [...]