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“Two workouts in one!” “What a fabulous opportunity to spend a half hour or an hour stretching and toning your body AND worshiping with Jesus Christ at the same time.” Certainly interesting. This should factor in nicely to the debate already stewing thanks to the Deepak Chopra vs. Aseem Shukla ‘Is Yoga Hindu?’ beef. (UPDATE: [...]


‘It allows us to blur the line between the physical and the spiritual.’ Damn it, is yoga religious or what? It’s been a major bone of contention, especially in the Western world, for as long as we can imagine and while there are plenty of teachers and practitioners out there trying to keep yoga and [...]


We’re not sure how to respond to this quite yet. Churches have taken to the marriage of yoga and Christianity, inserting verses of scripture into yoga classes and applying religion to asana. Rev. David Moffett-Moore puts it, “Christian yoga is a way for us to quiet ourselves, to focus our energy on the presence of God [...]

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