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Chip Wilson

Lululemon’s trigger happy loose cannon of a founder Chip Wilson is at it again. This time, though, he is full of regrets. Because for all of the insanity and cult-ure thrust upon us since the dawn of luon, it was the ex-lulu CEO’s comments about women’s bodies not being right for his idealistic image of [...]


This New York Times profile on Chip Wilson may be more character-revealing of the man, the myth, the Lululemon, than the sheer yoga pants his company sold to thousands of women that set off a cascade of company missteps and public uproar. But were they missteps or did it just take see-through pants to open [...]


Well he’s not totally out and he’s not buying the whole company back, instead Chip Wilson is selling 50 percent of his 27 percent stake in Lululemon to a private equity firm for a sweet $845 million. We’re thinking that’s at least a few pairs of yoga pants, a new publicity coach to prevent further snafus [...]


There’s more trouble in lululand and founder Chip Wilson is the crouching tiger, hidden dragon poised to reel it back in. He’s not happy with how things are going (and, frankly, neither are shareholders) so he’s hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to strategize on how to reclaim control. The options are: make a deal with [...]


And the reign of Chip Wilson comes to an end. Lululemon co-founder will be cutting ties with the brand, maybe for good? Wilson has announced his resignation as non-executive Chairman after a long and painful run of controversies. He will stay on through next spring but will depart before the company’s annual meeting in June 2014.


Many of us have moved on from the sheer madness that is the Lululemon Pantscapade, which, much to everyone’s chagrin (especially Chip Wilson et al), is still carrying on and just seems to be getting worse. It’s safe to say this has been the biggest thing to happen to yoga pants since neon spandex. But [...]


“Does Lululemon want women to be comfortable in their clothing, or uncomfortable in our own bodies?” asks the Change.org petition calling for Chip Wilson of Lululemon to “stop shaming women’s bodies…apologize and make clothes for women of all sizes.” Wilson made waves yet again last week when he said in an interview that the problem with [...]


Chip Wilson, Founder of Lululemon, has been through a lot lately, but we can’t dance around the fact that he’s caused most of it himself. Most recently, he’s been under fire for saying in an interview that lulu yoga pants just ‘don’t work’ for some women’s bodies, particularly bodies with thighs that rub together (which, [...]


And now for an update on your favorite exorbipants yoga label, or otherwise, yoga biz news we’d rather not hear about. Lululemon is not out of the proverbial see-through woods yet. The brand is being sued by the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Pension & Relief Fund. Why? Because they owned about $1.3 million of Lululemon stock when all hell [...]