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It’s no coincidence that it’s been 108 years since the Cubs won a pennant. The number is as sacred as it gets. As Grant DePorter pointed out in a Sept. 23 Chicago Sun Times column, there are a weird amount of 108 coincidences with the Cubs:


It’s sad and frightening to think a yoga teacher who’d been physically attacked by a student wouldn’t be supported or protected by the yoga studio they work for. This appears to be the case in Chicago where a yoga teacher is claiming exactly that. CorePower Yoga teacher by the name of Yogi Danny B says [...]


This story of an unlikely yoga hero comes from the heart of Chicago’s West Side. Marcus Feltus is a former inmate. In 2011, after serving 18 years and 9 months of a 38 year sentence for shooting and killing a fellow teenager, Feltus was released to re-enter his life outside cell walls, this time as [...]


Attention air travelers, your new favorite yoga studio is now in Chicago O’Hare International Airport! That’s right, Chicago is the next city to step up their customer service and open up a yoga space, following San Francisco, Dallas and Burlington, VT. As many frequent flyers know, Chicago is a major midwest hub for connecting flights [...]


Oh, you are so going to looove this or hate it bad. If choreographed yoga has your nadis in a twist, prepare yourself for the Bob Fosse-fied Broadway Musical! It’s Yoga Tango! All jazz hands and breathy ujjayi to the tune of Chicago‘s “Cell Block Tango.” It’s pretty much an ad for Sonic Yoga here in NYC, a studio [...]


Take a guess! In a time when luxury vacations include jetting off for Eat, Pray, Love-inspired world tours, what do YOU think a weekend retreat at an impossibly fancy hotel and spa with Jen Aniston’s yoga guru is worth? You may have to sell a kidney. Via SocialWorkout: Holy hot towels. Then again, can you [...]