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Cat Yoga

There are all sorts of reasons cats are known for having the greatest sense of humor of all pets ever, especially when it comes to yoga. For Deb Keller, she just wanted to check out her urdhva dhanurasana practice so she decided to record it. Like all the wise yoga kiboshing kitties of YouTube history, [...]


Cats are fascinating and fickle creatures. They’re also adorable and hilarious. Are they yogis? You decide! Along with cat cafes, kitty yoga has become a recent popular trend as a way for shelter cats to interact with humans and potentially find their forever homes from Vancouver to NYC. But much like cats in general, there’s [...]


All together now… Awwwwwmmmmm… This kitty cat yoga class thing has got some claws! And we have to say, the adorableness does not get old. Vancouver is the latest city to embrace the furry feline-asana with a kitty class to raise awareness and funds for a local shelter. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (or [...]


You had us at Kitty Yoga. Needless to say, we love cats and we love yoga. Combing the two? Why, ’tis one of our dream scenarios! For those unfamiliar, a cat cafe is a cat sanctuary/adoption center paired with a cafe – like it sounds, right? Meow Parlour, currently NYC’s only cat cafe (we say currently [...]


We don’t want to say too much about this video besides it’s hilarious and you have to watch it. Also…this is further proof cats remain the dominant supreme beings (at least on the Internets). THIS is the face of nonchalant cat-tentment. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ xfbml : true, version : 'v2.3' }); }; (function(d, [...]


Yoga and cats? Genius! Let us explain. An animal shelter in Illinois recently teamed up with a local yoga studio to have a very special benefit/adoption event/kitty cat yoga class – which is a pretty fantastic idea considering that quite possibly the cutest cat poses we’ve ever seen ever are those from our feline friends. [...]


Pets, they’re just like us! They like to practice yoga, too. Er…or maybe just snuggle and nuzzle and adorably interrupt us while we’re trying to practice. Inspired by this pets interrupting yoga video and this kitty who is not into her human friend’s yoga selfie, here are some fun instagram photos of, well, pets and [...]


Yoga and pets! We’ve seen some pretty special pet-enhanced yoga sessions, and by special we mean hilarious, adorable, mischievous and ouch! worthy. (see: classic cat yoga fail). Now we’ve got a collection of funny pet-terrupting yoga videos in one happy compilation, thanks to the Huffington Post. Prepare to laugh your tails off. —— Earlier… Yoga [...]


Milo the yoga video kiboshing cat! All we can say is this little furry pal was not into his human companion’s selfie yoga practice video, and it’s really funny and cute. At least it was the camera and not her crotch. Hey-O. —— Earlier… Adorable Namaste Cat Does Morning Namaste Practice (VIDEO) How-to: Partner Yoga [...]