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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we’d like to extend that this year to include Breast Care Awareness as well. Yoga for Breast Care is Bobby Clennell’s latest book, a wonderful and well-researched guide to overall breast health, and part of the Yoga Shorts series by Rodmell Press. Clennell is a Senior Iyengar teacher [...]


Here’s some news to brighten your day: science has provided yet another reason to practice yoga. A study found that yoga can help reduce cancer-related fatigue and lower levels of inflammation in the body. And actually, the more yoga that was done, the better off the cancer survivors were. Researchers and scientists at Ohio State University [...]


Great news in the ‘another way yoga is awesome’ dept. A recent study finds stroke victims benefit from yoga on a psychological, physical and confidence-boosting level, TIME magazine reports.


Ah, the sweet smell of burning herbs and sandalwood. It’s how you know the yoga’s nigh. But what if we told you that smoky aroma isn’t helping your pranayama, it may be causing respiratory issues and maybe even cancer? Yikes! We recently spotted this blog post warning us all about the hazards of inhaling the holy smokes that are prominent not just in yoga studios but in other sacred or religious institutions.


Fashionista and longtime yogi, Donna Karan, has made it her mission for over a decade to help usher in holistic wellness to the medical world. When she lost her husband in 2001 to lung cancer DK was inspired to build a program that fostered support and care for patients not just with technology, but with something [...]


Yowsers no trousers! Hey Maroon 5 fans, or man fans for that matter, lead singer Adam Levine wants to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers and will bear his naked bod to do so! The Maroon 5 frontman teamed up with Everyman, a Brit org campaigning to stamp out male cancer. Photos are featured [...]


Been looking for an excuse to break out the cam and shoot your own yoga videos? Here it is. All of November is YogaBear’s CinemAsana Film Festival! And it’s up to YOU to make it happen. YogaBear is a fabulous non-profit organization taking on a mission to bring yoga to those whose lives have been [...]


It’s about that time again…election time! And that jolly bunch of folks on capital hill are chomping at the bit to secure the 37 Senate seats up for grabs this November. Naturally, this calls for action! Press conferences! Funny politician-isms like describing things that “give taxpayers the blues.”  According to GOP Senators Tom Coburn of Oklahoma [...]


This year’s Yogapalooza is upon us! Yogapa-wha? It’s the third annual multi-city yoga event to raise awareness and funds for Yoga Bear, an inspiring non-profit org promoting wellness and healing for cancer survivors, and all those impacted by it, through the practice of yoga. inhale. And thanks to science, we know how yoga can profoundly [...]