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As if you weren’t already crushing on Canada’s near-perfect Prime minister, this photo of Justin Trudeau practicing mayurasana (peacock pose) on an assembly room table, no less, is enough to give you the steams, or at least double check that your passport’s valid. Should we be surprised by this young buck’s (moose’s?) agility and skill? [...]


Meanwhile, in Canada, the Prime Minister practices yoga. This photo is not new, but if you’re just learning that Canada’s Prime Minister is the fresh-faced Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party, and husband to the multi-lingual, yoga teaching, women’s rights advocate Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, then now you know. And with today’s volitical (that’s violent and [...]


Kevin Smith and yoga, eh? Yeah, right. No, really. Director Kevin Smith has a new film up his sleeves and it sounds like something between “Clerks” and his yet-to-be-released “Tusk” and involves some yogi crime and hijinks. Entitled “Yoga Hoser” the film is based off of Smith’s Smodcast #288 where he read through a news article [...]


Not your average “sticky mat” this yoga mat made from natural hemp seeks to be your new favorite eco-conscious, sweat-absorbing, washing machine-friendly practice partner. So, hemp. It’s natural, it’s earth-friendly, it has a ton of uses from food to clothing to building materials and, until recently, its growth and harvest was illegal in America. Yep. [...]


Meet Jean Wharf. She was ticketed, booted, then denied reboarding by a transit cop on the SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC. Why? For wearing a “F*uck Yoga” pin of course! Because the cop loves yoga and he was mad miffed! No, that’s not true. Wharf, 21, did indeed wear the pin and refused to take it [...]


Meet Yasmin F. Gow.  She just completed what could be a World Record for the longest yoga marathon! (pending Guinness approval). A serial marathon-er this one, before taking on the 32-hour non-stop yogathon she had already been well on her way through 108 sun salutations, for 108 consecutive days. Yas explained the mission on her [...]


There are lots of great ‘-athons’ out there, and sure you do yoga, but do you yogathon? Vancouver knows what we’re talking ’bout. This past weekend, 2,000 yogis turned out for the 8th annual Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest to help raise funds for children living with HIV/AIDS. That’s two thousand people! Including the ‘couv’s [...]

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UPDATE: More drunk yoga… Pretty quiet on the yoga news front today… it’s like everyone’s out celebrating major national holidays this week or something… oh we kid! Happy Canada Day you cute lil Canucks! *pinches cheeks* This has nothing to do with Canada Day (or does it?) but in yogadork style we don’t have to [...]

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Now for your Canadian political news! Are you a Canuck who cares about politics AND yoga? Oh, we know, as if! But yogi lobes might perk up upon hearing news that liberal party leader and potential winner in the running for Canada’s Next Top Prime Minister just announced his vote for the Yog. Yep, Mister [...]