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Calvin Klein

In what can only be described as nothing short of a Thanksgiving miracle (or a financial and public relations no-brainer. Either way.), the Lululemon case against Calvin Klein over yoga pants patent ganking has been settled, the Wall Street Journal reports. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed but we imagine both sides were pulling on their stretchy threads so much in suspense that they may have even created sizes suitable for regular people. Wishes do come true!


Distraught over the latest shakeup in the yoga pants world? OMG. Us either. But, it’s an interesting side effect of this burgeoning and competitive yoga (pants) industry. Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has put the feud in perspective with the help of an infographic. Exhibit A: Lululemon “Astro” pants compared to CK “imposter.”


Oh, no! The lululemmings are under attack! It’s true, in the fight of good versus evil in big time butt-hugging yoga pants market, ganking a patented design means war. Or a lawsuit.