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Oh California, only you would provide the surreal setting for the above photo: yogis sprawled and lounging at a pool on the top of a mountain capped with snow in July. And this one: Some sort of antigravity contraption. Such was the scene at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley July 28-31st, 2011. We attended the overcast [...]


This week in Yoga Crime: Beware of disgruntled spray-paint wielding (possibly drunk) yogis! The latest from Sacramento is reports of Zuda Yoga Studio being vandalized with lots of colorfully crude graffiti, toilet paper and piles of garbage. Also a broken window and a “glue-like substance” stuck in the door handles! No it wasn’t Lady Gaga [...]


The Prison Yoga discussion continues with CA still bickering over the $8 billion proposed for state prison overhaul, which we mentioned the other day. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown have lambasted effortsby J. Clark Kelso, the court-appointed overseer of prison healthcare, to spend $8 billion on a “gold-plated utopian hospital plan” [...]