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It’s 6 a.m., you’re up and ready to sweat. You grab your animal costume, your LED disco yoga mat and you’re off to Brooklyn’s own massive sober rave dance party where smoothies, yoga and voguing are your drugs of choice. Sounds like our usual morning! No this is not the next incarnation of Wanderlust, though [...]


D&D Yoga: only a matter of time after Star Wars Yoga? You bet your cute little dragonassana. For the uninitiated, Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role-playing board game you play in your basement with a 10-sided die and a bunch of your nerdy friends banning together to swing imaginary battles axes to stop the forces of [...]


He believes in love, he believes in magic, and taking rides on dragons. This is what happens when kirtan meets Devendra Banhart. This song, “Let It Be Told,” by devoted Brooklyn yipster (hipster+yoga) Stevie Weinstein-Foner (SWF) “is like yoga for your ears” according to MTV Hive where it was recently featured. A self-described mystic/musician, SWF can be found [...]


Sometimes when you’re running to yoga, you miss it. That’s what we’d subtitle this short comedic film called ‘Yoga Bag’, if we were asked to do so. Of course we weren’t, but that hasn’t stopped us yet! So we won’t give too much more away except that the film is written, directed and produced by [...]


Have you ever been to yoga class hungover? Satya, now, yogis. So there’s this yoga studio in Brooklyn that’s also a bar. Yes, a bar where people have beer and real cocktails called “teenagers from mars.” You can stumble into Friday’s “happy hour” yoga class drunk tired from the week, rejuvenate and then go have [...]


Now we may be the first to get our panties in a twist in the bare bootie convo, but this is different. Quite literally every newsie blog we saw last week [NYMag, Gawker, HuffPo to name a few] blasted a story last week about Naked Space in Brooklyn and their no ladies allowed, this is a boys-only no-girl-cooties yoga rules. No we do not think dudes getting naked to do yoga together and letting their wangs fly freely in the downwind is news. Nor is it really a big deal ladies aren’t invited. Though they’re usually not banned, how may men are asked to attend Shakti Moon Circles?


What would you do for $1000? Lose weight? With yoga?! It’s Brooklyn’s version of “The Biggest Loser” an eight-week “body transformation” challenge sponsored by Namaste Yoga of Kensington. If you make it through multiple calorie-crushing classes (including yoga, kick boxing and belly dancing), several weigh-ins, and a before and after photo test you could win [...]


Oh goodie, lovely news for a lovely Wednesday (it’s Wednesday right?) Brooklyn elementary school PS 217 has added Yoga to the extra-curriculum! And everybody LOVES it. With a little help from PENCIL, the apt and academically titled non-profit org. (whose mission it is to unite and build relationships between businesses and schools), Principal Franca Conti [...]


Can’t say we’re not jealous – 17 cupcakes?? Of course the “5 minutes” part doesn’t sound quite as appetizing. This past Saturday was the first annual Ivy Bakery cupcake-eating contest. The prize? $75, and a tummy ache! And you’ll never guess who won! Nancy Cummings, a Bay Ridge Bikram Yoga teacher pounded her 17th cupcake [...]