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This video doesn’t need much of an intro besides Whoa, Wha?? Awesome!! Check it out. cred: Production – Alex Yde Dancer – Arthur Cadre Music – Awolnation – Sail Want to learn how? Stay tuned for next week’s YogaDork Ed! Heh. JK And just for kicks, we snapped this screenshot and had to share. This [...]


Did we not warn you all about the breakdancing yogis? It was written in the stars! Or is that, the graffiti? Anyways, here we are, a full on yoga and breakdancing combo called Breakti. What makes this different from other hybrids, in our opinion, is that yoga is very much an essential element throughout the [...]


A young girl diagnosed with scoliosis is standing a lot taller these days, thanks to yoga! At age 11 Mia Latham, of the UK, was told she had an S-shaped spine and would need an operation to insert metal rods to support her heart and lungs, or would be wheelchair bound. Seeking alternatives to spinal [...]


Meet the Yo Yoga bros! They’ll teach you asana, yo. Did we not mention this yoga hip hop phenomenon? So it isn’t the most technical instruction we’ve ever seen, but these dudes make yoga look approachable and fun. We totally want to go do plow pose on a farm! (the scenery changes may be our [...]


OK we admit it, we’re suckers for So You Think You Can Dance! Getting our fill of televised competitive dancing is a regular requirement around here. And you can imagine the excitement when our YD radar went off during last night’s episode! B-boy Jose Ruiz aka “full deck”, who describes himself as both “smooth” and [...]


Drat, it sure is sopping wet outside! While this won’t dry you off or zoom you through rush hour traffic, it’s possible it could LIFT your spirits! We caught this performance from The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (TheLXD) last week on So You Think You Can Dance (go Jakob!) and just have to share it [...]