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Movie star Jackie Chan just announced something potentially awesome, but we really can’t say for sure, yet. There are little details but Chan just let the cat pose out of the bag – he will star in a new film called Kungfu Yoga which is slated to begin shooting in India this fall. (!) “Yes, [...]


Now that’s some yoga. If you’ve never seen this clip of “Y.O.G.A” from the 1983 Hindi action thriller HAADSAA, you are in for a rare musical treat. Sometimes we have to thank the goddesses of YouTube. Apparently the song in the scene is a nod to/ripp-off of this Kraftwerk song. Women in spandex leotards, levitation, [...]


We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Next time we all criticize Western yogafication, let’s please remind ourselves of the bootyliciousness that is the Bollywood moviestar yogi. What, did you think the West was the only scene for Yoga Pop? “Whether it’s Kareena’s sexy Tashan look or Shilpa Shetty post Big-Brother, celebs are really [...]


Hey do you know Bappi Lahiri? He’s a bling-studded juggernaut of the Bollywood film scene and is quite lovingly revered as the man responsible for injecting Hindi cinema with infectious disco music infusion! Did you know he was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and that the ‘King of Pop’ was a legend in India? [...]


While we haven’t seen the unmitigated flamboyance of a Bollywood production influence on American film, yet, India’s culture and rich traditions surely have captured many a creative mind, not the least in which amounted to 8 Oscar wins a couple weekends ago. Nina Paley is one such creat-or who was so moved by one of [...]