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Dear Ms. Budig, I’m writing in response to your recent blog post, Color the World, in which you share the “venomous” rejection of you as the face of body positivity and call it an act of bullying. While I, nor the Yoga and Body Image Coalition I co-founded, wrote the post you were referring to, [...]


We learn even more about the inspiring story of yoga newbie Richard Widmark. At age 38, Richard Widmark weighs close to 700 pounds. He’s already lost weight practicing yoga, but that’s not really all that matters. Because, through yoga, Richard Widmark has also felt encouraged to think more positively about himself, to make healthier choices [...]


Yoga is for every body. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. A new studio in Seattle is set on doing their part to change that by creating a safe and welcoming space that every member of the diverse community can feel comfortable practicing in. As the yoga scene is largely populated by the straight, white, [...]


We happened upon this photo and had to post it. People have been sharing this pic like crazy and it’s for good reason. If you’ve ever felt bogged down by what we’re often told a yoga body is or isn’t, this will absolutely make your week. So much love for this guy right here. Photo caption [...]


Have you noticed? Spring is the time of year when some people go on wood-chip diets and others try to sell you weight loss shakes made of hooves.

Is there an undercurrent of Thinspo masquerading as Health behind certain promotions put out by your gym or local yoga studio?


She lives full time in Aruba. She teaches yoga around the world. She has 1.2 million followers on instagram. She’s @yoga_girl. Oh, and she has a new book, also called Yoga Girl. It’s a book about yoga, of course, and “spectacular photos” of her practicing yoga “with breathtaking tropical backdrops, along with step-by-step yoga sequences [...]


When Lady Gaga gets practically naked, the world takes notice. WE take notice when it has something to do with yoga (of which she is a long-time fan and practitioner). Lady Gaga’s love for yoga is well-documented, as is her liberal use of interesting clothing, or lack thereof, when getting on the mat. But her [...]


Yoga is for everyone and we’re glad that people (AKA the internets) are finally starting to take notice. This recent post from magical listicle site BuzzFeed highlights the many curvy yogis who proudly post instagram photos of themselves practicing yoga with tags like #curvyyoga.* Bravo, ladies. And bravo Buzzies for pointing to the powerful positive body [...]


It’s what we’ve all talked about. There’s no denying it. They’re baaaaaaack…the holidays are here! We know, you’re either doing the happy dance right now or hiding your head under a pillow. But ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and we wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on some organizations worth your [...]