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Body positivity doesn’t end with pregnancy. Having been recently pregnant for those familiar nine months ourselves, this illustrative series from Danish artist Marie Jørgensen speaks especially sweetly to my consistently changing body. In case you missed it, we previously shared Jørgensen’s work challenging the stereotypical “yoga body” or what we’ve been conditioned to believe it is. In [...]


Is it possible for companies like Yoga Journal to be body positive when they are built on a for-profit corporate model with a legal obligation to sell yoga, often as an elite luxury good?


Your article “Yes You CAN Think Yourself Thin: From resisting that biscuit to learning to love the gym, a life-changing book reveals the new way to hit your perfect weight” not only saddened and disheartened me but, as an eating disorder survivor, deeply triggered me.


Does yoga have a body image problem? Do a simple google image search and you might think so. For Marie Jørgensen, a yoga practitioner and teacher, the online search for a yoga poster to hang in her home proved futile. Because Jørgensen was looking for something that apparently doesn’t exist: a poster with basic poses and [...]


Miley Cyrus, a “yoga superstar”? Sure, if the media says so! But that’s how they talk about every celebriyogi posting yoga pics on Instagram (and there are more than a few). We happen to like this photo the wild child pop star and avid yoga practitioner recently posted of herself bound up in Marichyasana D, [...]


Should body positivity be a required part of yoga teacher training? A group of socially conscious yogis thinks so. A Change.org petition, started by Jeniffer Zimmerman of “All Bodies Rise Yoga,” is calling for body positivity training to be a required part of all Yoga Alliance-registered schools’ yoga teacher training programs. While Yoga Alliance’s influence has been [...]


image via @MyNameIsJessamyn Sadly, we’re still at a point where we need photographic reminders that yoga is for every body. The good news, however, is there are some folks out there who are dead set on proving it. Thanks to Instagram (thanking Instagram? this won’t happen often), images of yogis with bodies of all shapes [...]


“Every Body is a Yoga Body” reads the latest message from the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. The YBIC has made it their mission to support and encourage inclusivity in yoga and has been working to expand the image of yoga to truly encompass everyone and every body. Their latest “Every Body is a Yoga [...]


I really want to practice yoga. God knows I do. I don’t want to practice to be super trendy, or the clothes provide a little slimming effect. I want to practice because yoga, for me, represents a connection between my mind and my body. Yoga represents peace, tranquility and concentration.