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blind yoga

What do computer science and engineering have to do with yoga? Accessibility, if you ask University of Washington PhD student, Kyle Rector, who developed this “exergame” for people who are blind or have low vision and want to practice yoga. By using the Microsoft Kinect’s Skeletal Tracking, depth cameras and basic geometry, Rector and her fellow [...]


Ten years ago Jennifer Landmesser’s retinas started mysteriously deteriorating. After years of failed medical treatments and decreasing eyesight, a gluten-free diet finally helped stop what was diagnosed as degenerative retina disease. Now legally blind, Landmesser, a former adrenaline junkie, career paramedic and generally active outdoorsy type, has had to make some major life changes. Good thing [...]


Your feelgood story of the week comes from Seattle, Washington where 51-year-old yoga practitioner Laura Caparosso approaches life with a different perspective. You see, Laura is completely blind.