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Bey-asana Goddess Pose via Nosie Yoga

When getting in formation means getting into goddess pose. Er, surfbort? Eep. Are you keeping up with these yoga trends? Hip hop yoga keeps blowing up and now we're seeing specially themed (and semi-cleverly named) yoga classes appealing to an even wider range of yogsters. Enter...Bey-Asana. The brainchild of Houston-based couple Susie Edebor and her husband, Nosa (aka [...]


Bend it like Bibi-yonce. Rock Star Yogi Bibi McGill will shred it on stage with Beyonce for the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. Awesome! And that may mark the first time we've used the phrase rock star yogi in earnest without throwing up a little in our throat chakra. Rock. And. Roll. So maybe football [...]